Mothers Day: Homemade Gifts 

I love the idea of giving homemade gifts for Mothers Day. When I was younger my attempts were often pretty terrible (hello, wonky candle-holder) but recently I’ve upped my game. Here are my favourite DIY projects to get started with: 
A Beautiful Mess: Marbled Clay Ring Dish I’ve had this project bookmarked for so long but 2017 is the year it finally happened. It’s such a simple project but the results are really beautiful – I’ll be really proud to give mine away on Sunday.

Cupcakes & Cashmere: Rope and Neon Coasters I love that you can personalise these coasters with your Mum’s favourite colour. They’d be great to give with a bottle of wine and a token for a girls night in. 

Martha Stewart: Scented Lipbalm Lipbalms are a great way to quickly pamper yourself (which every Mum needs). This is also a great gift to really personalise – you can use her favourite scents and also dab a bit of lipstick into the mixture to make the lipbalm her perfect shade.

Skillshare: Watercolour Flowers These would look stunning on a homemade card. Skillshare also have several free and premium classes on hand-lettering and calligraphy, so you can write a beautiful message inside.

Have you ever given or received a homemade gift? 


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