One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 is to ‘exercise more’. It’s a common goal – many of my friends and family have set similar targets for this year – so I thought I would share the ways in which I’m hoping to achieve it.

I’ve never been a huge gym-goer. I  did try joining Pure Gym in 2016 in an attempt to work through this, but ultimately cancelled my membership. I really believe that to make exercise a regular part of your routine, you have to find something you enjoy, and exercising in groups at the gym makes me anxious. However, if you do enjoy exercising in groups, I can really recommend Pure Gym. Despite the low membership costs, each site hosts a huge number of weekly classes ranging from Weights to Pilates. One aspect that I thought was handy was that you can book the classes in advance using an app on your mobile.

In 2017, rather than trying to go to a gym, I am focusing on exercising more at home. I feel much more comfortable sweating it out in the kitchen, so I think this habit is more likely to stick. I am trying to work in 3 workouts every week, using YouTube videos to guide me. So far, my favourite workout channels are:

  • Yoga With Adriene: My favourite Yoga channel. The videos range in length so you can fit them anywhere into your day.
  • Tone It Up : A great channel for more active workouts involving HIIT and light weights.
  • Sweaty Betty: My favourite channel for alternative workouts – their Ballet Bootcamp is a really great challenge.
  • Pop Sugar Fitness: A fun channel with lively dance workouts. I also like that they have a section specifically for beginners, and a recipe section so you can whip up some healthy treats after a workout!




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