Filofax Classic Croc Organiser

Filofax has always had a special place in my heart. Whilst growing up I watched my Mum using her Filofax and always thought that little leather book was so glamorous! Recently I was delighted to come across Filofax’s Classic Croc Organiser. It’s the perfect combination of chic and practical with the italian calf leather hiding a diary, notebook, to-do list, and more.

Jotting down my favourite quotes to keep me inspired

One of my favourite features of this organiser is the ample storage space. Along with the usual credit / business card holders, there’s also one zipped pocket and an open pocket on each side, for storing loose coins, notes and pages. For me, the most unique feature is the back pocket, which runs the length of the organiser. It’s perfect for full A4 sized letters and pages, with the added bonus that the supple leather means no nasty crease along the centre once the page is removed.

If you are interested in purchasing, you can find this organiser on Filofax’s website here. I personally chose the Fawn Filofax as pictured, but it is also available in a wonderful deep chestnut, or vibrant indigo.

Have you ever owned or considered getting Filofax’s Classic Croc? I’d love to know.




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